About Illimani Ferreira

I am a writer born in Brazil and currently living in the United States, more precisely in Southern Delaware, where I am trying to figure out if I, a person who grew up in Brazil’s central savannas, am a beach person or not.

My writing can go from a grimdark noir to the zaniest comedy. I like to think that there is a bittersweet signature in everything I write and, although my Latinx identity doesn’t steer my writing, it does illuminate my perspective. The same applies to the fact that I am a gay man.

Bibliography in English:


Terminal 3 (Möbius Books, September 2020)


Trial of the Bull (New Myths, June 2019)

Short Stories

Pandora 4 (The Needle Drops, TBD 2021)

Equatorial Ice (And Lately, The Sun, November 2020)

Terribly and Terrifyingly Normal (Unidentified Funny Objects 8, October 2020)

The Serpentine City (Hybrid Fiction, July 2020)