About Illimani Ferreira

I am a writer born in Brazil and currently living in the United States, more precisely in Coastal Oregon, where I am trying to figure out if I, a person who grew up in Brazil’s central savannas, am a beach person or not.

My writing can go from a grimdark noir to the zaniest of comedies. I like to think that there is a bittersweet signature in everything I write and, although my Latinx identity doesn’t steer my writing, it does illuminate my perspective. The same applies to the fact that I am a gay man.

Prose in English:


Terminal 3 (Möbius Books, September 2020)

Short Stories and Novelettes

Warhorse (Flame Tree Press, 2023)

Platinum Venus (Decoded Pride 3, June 2022)

Pandora 4 (The Needle Drops, October 2021)

Equatorial Ice (And Lately, The Sun, November 2020)

Terribly and Terrifyingly Normal (Unidentified Funny Objects 8, October 2020)

The Serpentine City (Hybrid Fiction, July 2020)

Trial of the Bull (New Myths, June 2019)

Newsletter (on Substack):