The Journey Begins

I decided to create a website for my literary persona. Not sure if it’s a good idea to spend time writing about my writing instead of doing the actual writing, but here we are.

A brief introduction about me in case you landed on this website accidentally: I am a sci-fi writer currently submitting my sci-fi/mystery novel Serpentine to agents and publishers and my sci-fi novelette Trial of the Bull to magazines. I am currently working on my second novel, Terminal 3, which is a sci/fi comedy in the vein of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy.

That’s it, for now. Feel free to check me on twitter too and thanks for passing by!

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Science Fiction Writer

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  1. Good luck with your queries! I do something similar on my blog: write about writing, write about sci-fi and spec fic themes and ideas, and share my flash fiction drafts. There’s a great community of writers on WordPress! Welcome to the fray 😊


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