Overdue updates

In my lost post I mentioned that I was submitting my novelette Trial of the Bull to some magazines. So, I sold it to NewMyths.com , and they will publish it on their website in June. I will share the link as soon as it’s available, but I’d invite you to take a look at their amazing e-zine, filled with beautiful fantasy and science fiction short-stories and novelettes that lean toward elevated, emotional themes.

I also finished the first draft of my sci-fi/comedy novel Terminal 3. I am looking forward to submit it to agents and hopefully it will have a better reception than my first novel Serpentine. Unlike Serpentine that is a noir sci-fi that is grimdark as fuck, Terminal 3 can be described as hopepunk, what the kids seem to prefer those days, so I’m optimistic about it. The pitch is:

An idealistic young man joins the callous security guard crew of Los Angeles Spaceport’s terminal 3 – the chaotic hub for travelers coming from and going to the fucked up side of the galaxy.

Next month I will be traveling to LA for the Nebula Conference. It will be my first time attending a big conference like that, so I’m quite nervous, especially because I got an email a few days ago saying that I was added to the list of speakers. I almost had a heart attack until I realized what was going on: I had seen on twitter a few months ago that they were looking for volunteers for what they call Office Hours, an event where people with a certain expertise share it with others that may be interested on that topic. For example: I would be very interested to talk to anyone who is an Astronomy buff (not necessarily an astronomer), in order to clarify some doubts I have for the project of short-stories and novelettes I mentioned in my last post. I told the person who’s been organizing the Office Hours that I would be willing to assist with the logistics of the venue, but after a while she asked if i would be interested in sharing my expertise and I said yes, why not. After all I have a degree in social sciences, worked in social services for years and I’m from Brazil. If anyone needs to talk to someone about those topics, I will be there. And that’s how I became a Nebula Conference speaker. 🙂

Now that I’m pretty much done with my novel I intend to write more short stuff. Today I wrote a vomit draft of a short-story. When done it will be in the range of 2000 words, what is not common for me since my ideas (the good ones at least) tend to require a certain length. We will see how it turns out, but if I’m satisfied with that one I will send it over to all the paying markets in Sci-Fi. In terms of content all I can say for now is that the title is Pandora 4 and it’s EXTREMELY dark, what may hurt my chances to sell it to a bigger market. We’ll see.

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